Volkswagen Group Genuine Sparkplug Set (4pcs) – 06K905601B

Volkswagen Group Genuine Sparkplug Set (4pcs) – 06K905601B


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Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen/Audi/SEAT/SKODA) Genuine Sparkplug Set (4pcs) – 06L115562B

Genuine Sparkplug Set (4 pcs)
Volkswagen Part Number :

Made in Japan

  • Stable characteristics, high reliability, Durable and Practical.
  • Improved Fuel Economy, Enhanced flame propagation for increased engine efficiency.

Products include : Spark Plugs Laser Platinum x 4 pcs

Other Volkswagen parts are available. Please provide part numbers. Price on ask.

Essentially, spark plugs are the pulse of your engine. It forces electricity to arc across a gap and the electricity must be at a very high voltage. As the piston travels up the first time, compressing the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber, the distributor sends an energy surge along the spark plug wire.

Once the piston reaches the top, the spark plug fires, igniting the air-fuel mixture and forcing the piston back down, creating power. As you can see, the spark plug is a very important part of the engine. Therefore, in order to maintain the highest performance a car can offer, care should be taken to perform the proper scheduled maintenance in a timely fashion.

When your spark plugs are worn out, you will notice a decrease in power and efficiency, so be sure to replace them as soon as possible to restore your vehicle’s performance.

Always use Original & Genuine Volkswagen Group parts.

Please check the part number before ordering.

Part numbers

06K 905 601 B, 06K905601B

06K 905 611 C, 06K905611C

06K 905 601 D, 06K905601D

06K 905 621, 06K905621

999 170 229 90 ,99917022990

Other part numbers

0 241 245 673, FQ 5 NIPP 332 S, FQ 5 NPP 332 S, 94833


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