Volkswagen Group DSG Transmission Filter – 0GC325183A

Volkswagen Group DSG Transmission Filter – 0GC325183A


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Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen/Audi/SEAT/SKODA) DSG Transmission Filter – 0GC325183A

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    DSG transmissions use a “wet” clutch design that requires fluid changes to keep their performance up to par.  This filter is crucial in keeping the fluid clean, allowing the clutches to engage properly.

    Keeping your automatic transmission fluid clean is imperative to keeping your transmission shifting properly. If the filter gets clogged, the hydraulic pressure in your transmission can drop dangerously low. Replace yours to keep your transmission working properly.

    When replacing the filter, you should also replace the transmission pan gasket to keep everything sealed properly. Also, order some new fluid to rejuvenate your transmission and guarantee years of quality performance. Using inferior, aftermarket fluid can actually shorten the life of your transmission. Always use factory approved fluid.

    Check your owner’s manual for the proper intervals at which your transmission fluid should be changed.

    *Note: DSG filter housing o-ring sold separately.*

Other Volkswagen parts are available. Please provide part numbers. Price on ask.

Always use Original & Genuine Volkswagen Group parts.

Please check the part number before ordering.




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